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By Automated Control

Linear & Angle Measurement

ASM develop and manufacture mechatronic position sensors for use in industrial applications. Due to their wealth of experience developed over several decades, ASM have set industry standards and have attained a leading role in the field of position measurement.

ASM equipments caters for the needs of industries such as mechanical and plant engineering, automotive production, aeronautics, medical engineering, steel, timber, food and warehousing industries.

ASM solutions for position measurement include:

  • POSIWIRE - Cable Extension Pullwire Position Sensors
  • POSITAPE - Tape Extension Pullwire Position Sensors
  • POSICHRON - Magnetostrictive Linear Position Sensors
  • POSIMAG - Magnetic Scale Linear Position Sensors
  • POSIROT - Magnetic Angular Position Sensors and Encoders
  • POSITILT - Inclination sensors