Laser Sensors for Smart Thickness Detection

By Bestech Australia

The new thicknessSENSOR is a non-contact, wear-free laser sensor that offers accurate thickness measurement of plate and strip materials with measurement range of 10 – 25mm. It also offers linearity of maximum 40mm and has capability for dynamic tasks with measurement bandwidth up to 4kHz.

The thicknessSENSOR comes as a fully assembled laser measurement system without the need of complex aligning and component assembly. This enable thickness detection of simple to complex geometry, and specifically targeted for thickness measurement of finished products in metals, composites and plastic industry.

The intuitive web interface enables the users to load presets for easy measurement of repetitive tasks. The sensors are extremely compact, and can be easily integrated with existing computer interface with digital or analog output, which are ideal for measurement in restricted space.

Product Highlights:

-          Measurement Area up to 71mm x 400mm

-          Laser spot diameter from 0.16 – 0.5 mm

-          Robust, compact, and light-weighted

-          Available with Ethernet and Analog signal output


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