New small diameter endoscopes new insights

By Bestech Australia

Bestech Australia is introducing new technology Endoscopes from Micro-Epsilon Eltrotec allowing cavity viewing in engine development. The renowned ELTROTEC MKF-D endoscope is proven for their high quality, and with swing-prism it is now available with a 4.3mm diameter. The swing-prism provides a variable viewing range of -20° up to +130°. An endoscope tube offers a rotation of 290° making the MKF-D endoscope ideal for controlling e.g. engine combustion chambers. Colour-corrected optics provide high-contrast images in the highest quality. The deep-set optics is a further advantage, providing the user with a 100% image spectrum without any cut-off at the edges. The ELTROTEC MKF-D endoscope is available in lengths of 170mm, 275mm and 380mm. Bestech Australia also offers accessories such as light sources, optical fibres and cameras are compatible with the ELTROTEC MKF-D endoscope.