PreWatcher III for the inspection of PET Preforms

Inspection Equipment

IntraVis Vision Systems of Germany, a global supplier of video inspection machinery have released the PreWatcher III.

The PreWatcher III is a third generation model of the machine that has been designed specifically as an inline solution with a PET preform injection moulding machine, that is distinguished by its exceptional space saving design and high inspection speeds.

PET preforms which are used for the manufacture of PET bottles are increasingly being produced on high cavitation, high speed injection moulding platforms such as Husky, Netstal, Sipa & Krauss Maffei and producers need to ensure zero defects of manufactured parts.

The PreWatcher III inspects the quality characteristics of up to 72,000 preforms per hour with a footprint of only 8m². The machine has a newly developed centrigual orientation mechanism that is integrated directly into the system.

The machine has eight cameras, six of which are used for the thread and body inspection while the other two cameras inspect the top sealing surface and the gate area. The PreWatcher III can be installed either adjacent to the injection moulding machine or before a stretch blow moulding machine or alternatively can also be used for 'offline inspection' in combination with a bunker, tipper and octabin filler.

The PreWatcher III inspects the geometry/body, colour, top sealing surface, gate and thread of the preforms, identifying each preform by cavity number and sorts the production according to the fault or predetermined cavity number.

IntraVis Vision Systems are represented in Oceania by HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies.