InspX X-Ray Inspection Machinery - Bone Detection in Meat Products


InspX announce 60% improvement in bone detection in food products with triple beam pipeline x-ray

INSPX of California USA, a leading manufacturer of inspection systems for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries have achieved a 60% improvement in the detection of chicken bones with their triple beam X-Ray pipeline inspection systems. The three month trial compared the triple beam X-Ray systems to their traditional upstream single beam systems.


Bones in meat products present several inspection challenges as bone fragments are typically small and asymmetric in shape. The ScanTrac Fermeta Trio 4" pipeline inspection system uses a triple X-Ray architecture that uses multiple dimensions to detect any foreign material. The systems are capable of speeds of up to 1,890L of product per minute.


INSPX offer a range of X-Ray Inspection solutions that can detect a range of foreign objects such as:-

  • metal objects, fillings, particles
  • shards of glass
  • stones
  • bone
  • rubber
  • low-contrast images such as plastics in powders


The X-ray inspection systems are suitable for the inspection of metal cans & trays, glass bottles & jars, plastic bottles & containers, boxes & cartons, pouches, tray & bagged products and materials in pipes.


The INSPX systems perform multiple tests simultaneously such as:

  • package inspection, density, fill level & fill volume
  • contamination inspection
  • missing components and void detection
  • out of conformance containers (damaged, dented or upside down)
  • Checkweighing


INSPX is represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging Technologies.