Precise Pipe Coiling with Graewe's Winding Machines

By HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies

Graewe (Xtras for Extrusion) of Neuenburg, Germany, a leading manufacturer of Extrusion auxiliary equipment, have a range of fully automatic winding machines for low to high speed extrusion lines.They are designed for the precise coiling of pipes, hoses and profiles and offer a range of strapping units using PP band with a choice of 2/3/4/6 straps or stretch film wrapping, or a combination of the two.The machine can coil pipe with a maximum diameter of 180mm into coils of 1600mm diameter and widths of 1200mm. The coil diameter and width can be changed quickly by a centralised adjustment. The coils can weigh up to 1500kg and the winding machines have a speed of up to 150m/minute. Their compact design allows for easy placement of the machines into existing production lines.A coil unloading and palletising system is available, along with a labelling system.The winding machines utilise a force ventilated AC winder motor, which can be regulated by a dancer control or tractive force. The traverse is synchronised with the coil revolution and can be adjusted with little effort. There is automatic change-over from one winding turret to the other without buffer storage and without the slowing down of the extrusion line.Graewe is represented by HBM Plastics Technologies in Oceania.