Cold Cutting Eco Top Cutter 3000-EX

By WOMA (Australia) Pty Ltd

Explosion Protected Precision Cutting: The ECO TOP Cutter 3000-EX is a heavy duty unit which was developed for precision cutting of pipelines. This makes the WOMA ECO TOP Cutter 3000-EX the leading cutting unit for the oil and gas industry. Superior Technology: With the ECO TOP CUTTER 3000-EX, you can cut up to 40mm wall thicknesses. This results in a precise circular cut. Certification: The WOMA ECO TOP CUTTER 3000-EX has been certified exclusively for WOMA by the BAM (Federal Institute for Material Testing) and approved for use in Zone 0, equipment category 1G. To find out more about this product or to get a quote, please contact WOMA on or 08 9434 6622