Zone 2 Group IIA T3 Hazardous Area Twin Ultra High Pressure Pump Unit

By WOMA (Australia) Pty Ltd

WOMA’s Zone 2 Group IIA T3 Hazardous Area Rated Twin Ultra High Pressure Pump Unit provides unparalleled performance in the industry. Building on WOMA’s excellent oil & gas reputation and experience and adding to the WOMA suite of Offshore Oil Intervention Pumps, this example of WOMA’s bespoke solutions is skid mounted with an acoustic protection offshore rated lifting frame. Powered by a continuous ‘A’ Rated CAT 3406C DITA engine with Pyroban and AMOT controls, the twin WOMA 250m pumps will each produce 20l/m @ 2800Bar on a P16 plunger arrangement (40l/m) or 26l/m @ 2500Bar with a P18 arrangement (52l/m). Capable of high quality surface preparation, wash-down, tube, pipe, tank and vessel cleaning, concrete and steel cold cutting. We have options to meet all zone rating and directives. To find out more about this product or to get a quote, please contact WOMA on or 08 9434 6622