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There are many differing views on how best to service a military aircraft, but the bottom-line is that it has to be done reliably, efficiently and in complete safety.

Thanks to our strong commitment to quality combined with a strong service and support network, Cavotec systems are widely used at many military installations around the world.

Aviation Fuelling Arms
Cavotec Meyerinck fuelling arms are hose free pantographs that refuel aircraft safely, quickly and efficiently without the need for dispensers or tanker trucks. Our fuelling arms directly refuel wide body aircraft, tactical aircraft, helicopters and tanker vehicles at airports and airfields throughout the world.
Since 1980, Cavotec Meyerinck’s stainless steel fuelling arms have seen service in military and commercial applications around the globe. Cavotec also provides a comprehensive range of fuelling equipment accessories such as flow meters, including venturi mechanisms, filters and hydrant couplers.

Military Fuel Hydrant Pit Assembly
Military fuel hydrant pit assemblies are specially designed to efficiently dispense fuel to tactical and strategic aircraft. The pit assemblies provide either on/off or pressure/flow control when in operation.
The innovative design features make the Cavotec Dabico military fuel hydrant pit assemblies an obvious choice for applications where reliability and safety under every circumstance is an operational necessity.
Unique waterproof cover and frame assemblies, fitted with aluminium doors, prevent fluids and debris from entering the pit once the cover is closed. The patented torsion spring actuated covers maximize the available workspace within the pit assembly. These pit assemblies are also available with a counterweight actuated design.

Solid State Frequency Converters (SSFC)
Cavotec INET provides state of the art solid state frequency converters for military applications. Our equipment can be designed with one single output power (e.g. 400Hz) but also engineered for a triple output such as 400Hz, 28VDC and 270VDC.
All solid state frequency converters can be either a fixed units or mobile, with 50Hz or 60Hz input power. We also deliver solutions for 50/60Hz power conversion for naval applications.

Mobile Diesel Ground Power Units (GPUs)
Cavotec INET offers a wide range of diesel ground power units for military applications. Our systems are engineered based on military standards and can deliver 400Hz, 28VDC & 270VDC. The units can be designed on heavy duty chassis or even truck mounted.

Motor Generators (MGs)
Cavotec INET’s strong R&D capabilities gave powerful added applications to the original MG set designs. Cavotec INET developed the first vertical synchronous MGs for greater power, smaller size, higher efficiency, longer life and reliability.
Currently, we have several thousand of MGs in use around the globe and serving military facilities. Our MGs are also used by military organisations such as the US NAVY for maritime applications.

Pre-conditioned Air (PCA)
Cavotec INET PCA systems can either be designed on a point of use or be engineered as a centralised PCA system. We engineer PCA systems which can be operated under the most severe climate conditions and guarantee the required cooling performance. Our PCA units can be electrically or diesel driven, fixed or mobile.