Hangar – In-Ground Systems

  • Hangar – In-Ground Systems

It is essential for today’s modern hangars to provide services at the location where they are actually needed.

By using our in-ground systems we can help to improve the turnaround time for each service.

The 400Hz/28VDC hatch and pop-up pits are essential during the aircraft maintenance operations. The connectors and cables are presented above ground, making it easy pulling out the cable to the aircraft.
Other utilities can be provided on the same pop-up such as shop air, 50/60Hz electric power, ground, data and communications cables, ensuring efficient maintenance at all times.
All systems can be designed to meet international EX, EN and UL norms and are equipped with a maintenance free counterbalance system for easy operation.

The PCA hatch or pop-up pits can accommodate the flexible PCA hoses required for cooling the aircraft and reduce the cooling losses during the distribution process of the Pre-Conditioned air. The PCA hose is directly mounted on the pit systems and is just up to 1/10th of its original length when stored. Buttons located on the pop-up allow the air conditioning equipment to be switched on and off manually. A specially designed circuit ensures activation or deactivation of the air-conditioning unit only when the PCA pit is fully extended and a proximity switch has been released.
In order to optimize the maintenance operations and reduce the cost of investments, our PCA pits can include other services in the same pit such as hot and cold water and compressed air.

Data & Voice
Another essential service available on our in-ground systems is data and voice transmission. As standard RJ45 sockets are used, with an optional waterproof version available.
Installing this service allows for direct access to spare parts databases, or for centralised control of maintenance equipment. The voice option allows for direct communication between personnel at different locations or directly with the hangar.

Shop Air, Water, Nitrogen
Cavotec in-ground systems can be supplied with a variety of services including shop air, water and nitrogen. These services can all be fitted with optional ball valves or circulation systems.

Tank Ventilation System
For maintenance on aircraft fuel tanks it is essential to provide a number of tank ventilation pits that can be equipped with various suction devices and coupling sizes according to aircraft type maintained.
Cavotec offers two systems; an over-pressure system and a vacuum-based solution. Either system can be activated directly at the hatch cover with several options such as individually controlled butterfly valves, etc.