Above Ground Systems

  • Above Ground Systems

As part of Cavotec’s continual drive to reduce the industry’s environmental impact, we have developed innovative, environmentally friendly systems that aims to supply aircraft with power, water and preconditioned air while reducing costs and downtime.

Cavotec power caddies are mobile GPUs designed to supply aircraft with 400Hz power. The units are able to store 400Hz cables and feature either one or two motor-driven cable reels.

There are currently three types of power caddies: one which can be moved manually; one with a motordriven carriage; and a converter caddy which features an integrated 400Hz frequency converter allowing it to connect directly to 50Hz or 60Hz ground power.

All versions have a cable-drum motor with overload protection. The drive unit for the carriage for both the power and converter caddy’s is a 24VDC motor, allowing the units to be driven in both directions while automatically reeling cables in or out.

Cable Coilers:
The Cavotec Fladung cable coiler is an automatic cable storage and protection device, designed to supply aircraft with 400Hz power. The unit can either be mounted underneath a passenger bridge or on a pedestal on the ground.

The cable coiler features a motor-driven coiling drum, which reels the 400Hz aircraft cable in and out. The unit is controlled via buttons fitted on the aircraft connector or at the bridge panel.

The standard cable coiler can store up to 28m of single jacket 7x35mm² 400Hz cable, a smaller version can hold up to 20m. The power transmission between the termination box and the cable on the coiling drum is facilitated through a Cavotec 400Hz cable harness.

400Hz/28VDC Aircraft Connectors:
To ensure maximum lifetime and security of operation, Cavotec has designed its own line of aircraft connectors. To facilitate on-site repairs, all connectors feature replaceable parts including the connector nose, housing and the silver-plated copper-tellurium alloy contacts. Push/pull forces of the connectors comply with DIN EN 61984 (≤ 450N). All connectors are made from shock resistant, abrasion proof and non-flammable cross-linked thermo-plast (operating temperature range -65°C to +125°C / -85°F to +257°F). A sealing resin completely protects against water while forming a strong and durable connection to the cable.

As an option, all connectors can be fitted with a microswitch and LED to signal once the connector is at least 80% engaged.

With our wide range of specially designed adapter heads, Cavotec tow-bars can be used on nearly all types of aircraft and can be easily adapted to meet customer requirements.

Flying tow-bars are designed specifically to be taken onboard of aircraft. It offers maximum flexibility and endurance combined with a low weight. It can be easily fitted with different types of adapter-head to suit many aircraft configurations.

Adaptability and high quality of manufacture and design, has made Cavotec’s aircraft tow-bars the obvious choice for industry operators around the world.

Aircraft PCAir / PCA Connectors & Hoses:
Cavotec’s philosophy is to ensure the functionality of the entire system and to guarantee the performance ot it. As part of our PCA system, Cavotec has engineered aircraft PCA hoses and connectors that will ensure the minimisation of the cooling losses between the PCA handling unit and the aircraft inlets. Durability and reliability for minimum maintenance costs have been at the core of our engineering.

Cavotec PCA hoses can be insulated or non-insulated, and the connectors include handles in order to ensure fast ground operations.