Pre-Compressed Air (PCAir System)

By Cavotec

To cool aircraft standing at the gate has always been one of the most challenging aspects during servicing.

To provide an efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to this problem, Cavotec developed the PCAir system.

The Cavotec PCAir System (mobile or fixed) provides pre-compressed air to cool the cabin of passenger aircrafts during ground handling. Its outstanding cooling performance and the ability to deliver dry pre-compressed air at -20°C during two hours of continuous operation makes it superior for ground cooling of large wide body aircrafts in hot and humid climates.

The unit is driven by dry compressed air supplied from a centralised, electrically powered compressor room. The centralised compressor room ensures full capacity of the system can be used where it is needed. The system works on “capacity on demand” which constantly adjusts the capacity to the current demand, thereby minimising the over-all energy consumption. The benefits of this solution during ground handling are:

  • No need to run the APU
  • Reduced noise levels <80dB
  • Reduced operational running cost
  • Reduced CO2 foot print by 66%
  • Can be used inside service hangars
  • High quality PCAir filtered with a 10μm particle and active carbon filter

A further advantage of the system is the use of air as a working medium, environmentally benign as opposed to refrigerants, totally safe and non-toxic. Extremely reliable components ensure a long running time and long service intervals. The system can also be used to heat aircraft in cold climates.