Pre-Conditioned Air (PCA)

By Cavotec

Cavotec is the only supplier to offer PCA (Pre-Conditioned Air) systems capable of cooling all types of aircraft, including Code-F A380 super-jumbos.

Our range of products can either be designed with a Point-of-Use (Direct Expansion DX), or a centralised system with a hybrid PCA unit (DX Boost), or Chilled water / Ethylene Glycol water PCA or Compressed Air PCA.

Our PCA units can either be fixed or mobile, groundor PBB-mounted, and rated for either 50 or 60Hz input power.

Chilled water / Glycol water PCA:
Designed as a centralised PCA system, our CW/EGW PCA unit is integrated into the central chiller plant room up to aircraft PCA connection points for outstanding performance and ease of use.

Our PCA units are designed to withstand severe air pressure and flow requirements for ground-based cooling, heating and ventilation of commercial passenger aircraft. These lightweight units contain air filters, blowers, heat exchanger coils, output plenums, digital controls and accessories to provide fully automated cabin conditioning in conjunction with a central chilled water plant.

These units have ratings to service aircraft up to and including B747-400, A340, and A380. Cavotec INET’s patented SuperCool technology optimizes overall energy input and reduces size and weight. These units are designed for floor mounting on housekeeping pads, and may be mounted to passenger boarding bridges or standmounted for apron or hangar applications.

Hybrid PCA system (DX Boost):
Designed as a centralised PCA system, our DX Boost PCA unit is integrated into the central chiller plant room up to aircraft PCA connection points to ensure optimal performance and functionality at all times. Units are available in ratings to service aircraft up to B747-400, A340, and A380. Our PCA units feature Direct-digital automatic controllers with integral motor starter and protection, and remote cabin sensors. These units guarantee cooling performance with a direct drive, high-efficiency centrifugal blower and remote monitoring and control.

Cavotec INET’s patented SuperCool technology optimises overall energy input and keeps its spatial footprint and weight to a minimum. Reliable, low maintenance systems have been a core element of our engineering since we were established in 1967.

Point-of-Use (PoU) Direct Expansion (DX) PCA:
Cavotec INET’s series PDX air conditioner is a complete, self-contained unit that supplies air at varying pressures, volume, and temperatures for effective cooling and heating.

This lightweight unit contains up to four stages of compressors with attendant condenser, evaporator, and control sections as required by differing ambient conditions. These units are available in 50Hz and 60Hz versions and cool aircraft types up to and including Code-F. A microprocessor controller provides airflow and temperature modulation for a range of aircraft types and conditions.

The unit is specifically designed for mounting under a passenger boarding bridge and on apron stands. Our engineers adapt these systems to prevailing local conditions and the specific characteristics of individual applications.

Mobile PCA units
Working closely with customers, Cavotec engineers develop electrically or diesel-powered mobile PCA units. Our mobile PCA units can be provided either as mobile DX PCA, DX Boost PCA, or pre-conditioned air PCA.

Mounted on a simple chassis for towing, or truck-mounted, we engineer systems according to client and aircraft specifications. These units are available in ratings that service aircraft including the B747-400, A340, and A380.