Aircraft Ground Support Equipment


Cavotec Fladung has been a pioneer of aircraft ground support equipment for more than forty years. The company was an early developer of 400Hz technology, specialised cable reels and aircraft connectors, which are now industry standard at airports world wide.

Cavotec Fladung also manufactures and supplies mobile electrical caddies, Pre-Compressed Air (PC-Air) systems and a wide range of accessories such as aircraft cables, connectors and tow bars - all with a focus on safety, reliability and innovation. Cavotec Fladung produces a wide range of pit solutions, including both pop up pits and hatch pit systems. Both pop up pits and hatch pits can be used in combinatin with our tunnel system, on apron parking areas with 400Hz power supply, PCA, waste water, blue water, potable water, or in individual concrete pits.

Cavotec Inet supplies ground support equipment and services aircraft as an engineerign and manufactu8ring company of 50/60Hz and 400Hz power conversion systems, static transfer switches, uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), specialised Ground Power Units (GPU) and Pre-Conditioned Air (PCA) systems. Cavotec Inet is also the preferred contractor for both federal and local governments in the USA. Cavotec Inet engineers and manufactures a wide range of modern 400Hz and 28V solutions for commercial and military aircraft. Our 400Hz solutions address all types of design requirements including fixed or mobile units, point of use, and centralised systems all engineered upon the optimum solution for our clients. Cavotec Inets conventional Pre-Conditioned Air systems are capable of cooling aircraft in any climatic condition and are in operation at commercial and military airports worldwide. Cavotec's complete range of PCA systems include fixed, mobile, point of use and centralised systems which can be mounted under passenger boarding bridges, on aprons, in plant rooms or in hangars.

Cavotec Dabico has led the market for in-ground fuel systems for aircraft for more than four decades. Our experienced engineers design advanced, customiszed and fully integrated systems for the global airports sector. Our engineers provide installation supervision and long-term support to commerial and military applications worldwide. Cavotec Dabico vault access pit covers ensure easy and safe access to fibreglass vaults and concrete chambers. With a maximum lift weight of 12kg, our vault access covers prevent fluids, dirt and debris from entering the pit. All Cavotec-Dabico covers are aircraft load rated.