ADLINK PCIe-U300 Series Frame Grabbers / Video Capture Cards

By ADLINK Technology Inc

ADLINK’s PCIe-U300 Series is compliant with PCI Express® x4 Gen2 and supports 4 independent Fresco FL1100 USB 3.1 Gen 1 host controllers, 4/8/12-ch USB 3.0 Type A connectors, USB power protection and a software SDK for per-port USB power control that provides up to 12 channels of USB3 Vision high-quality image capture capability with superior bandwidth and reliable design.

All this makes it an excellent TCO choice for multiple camera capture solutions in Machine Vision, Factory Automation, Quality Assurance and Logistics applications. ADLINK provides a full spectrum frame grabber product portfolio to fulfill every customer’s needs.

ADLINK PCIe-U300 Series

  • PCIe-U312 - 12 USB ports (shared bandwidth)
  • PCIe-U308 - 8 USB ports (shared bandwidth)
  • PCIe-U304 - 4 USB ports (dedicated bandwidth)