NEON-1000-MDX AI Smart Camera


ADLINK's NEON-1000 Series of industrial AI smart cameras equips the Intel Atom® E3930 CPU and Movidius™ Myriad™ X VPU and a range of image sensors, providing users the flexibility to handle a wide variety of applications.

With the VPU and embedded graphics on the Intel Atom® SoC, users can deploy their AI vision system with different neural networks created using Intel® OpenVINO™. By leveraging ADLINK EVA (Edge Video Analytics), the Intel® OpenVINO™ model can be deployed on the NEON-1000-MDX quickly and easily, saving precious time and effort.

The NEON-1000 series integrates an extensive I/O, which includes 4x digital inputs, 4x digital outputs, 1x communication port, 1x LAN port, and 1x USB Type-C port for multiple applications in a compact chassis that reduces cabling effort for easy installation and deployment.

ADLINK EVA (Edge Video Analytics) is a software tool based on Gstreamer, which provides the plugins necessary for easy integration of the models optimized by Intel® OpenVINO™. With a strong open-source framework and structured data, users can build applications quickly and with minimal effort.

  • ADLINK’s all new NEON-1000-MDX AI Smart Camera combines the Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X Vision Processing Unit (VPU) and ADLINK Edge™ software as a turn-key solution for quick and easy machine vision AI deployment
  • The ADLINK Edge™ software platform now includes Edge Vision Analytics which together, can classify what it sees, become smarter over time, create automation workflows and provide device management for quick proof of concepts
  • The all new NEON-1000-MDX is now offered as part of the award-winning Smart Pallet turn-key solution proven to deliver a 90% reduction in traditional production time without disrupting current processes