HPERC-KBL-MH Rugged Convection Cooled System with Intel® Xeon® Processor and MIL-DTL-38999 Connector

By ADLINK Technology Inc

Inside the tiny footprint of ADLINK’s HPERC-KBL-MH lives the power of Intel® Xeon® processor and optional GPGPU parallel processing engine based on a NVIDIA Quadro MXM module. Dual removable secure erase RAID-0 SSDs provide 12Gb/s throughput and security for deployment in hostile environments.

Coupled with NVIDIA’s CUDA graphics processing and the OpenGL API, ADLINK’s HPERC, provides solution engineers with a powerful COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) sub-system with which they can design the next generation of image processing systems. More applications, including:

• ISR platforms (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance)
• Radar processing
• Software-defined radio (SDR)
• Sonar processing
• Forward looking infrared radiometry (FLIR)