VCI Plastics: VCI Emitters

By Australian Inhibitor

VCI emitters consist of a range of substrate materials to which a proprietary formula has been added to impart long term corrosion prevention properties for the protection of ferrous and non ferrous metal components in confined spaces up to 1.5m ^ 3.

VCI emitters provide protection from corrosion by saturating the atmosphere in the enclosed space and inhibiting the corrosive action of moisture and oxygen in the enclosed environment. Direct contact with the metal surface is not required.

VCI emitters are available incorporating various formulas to suit ferrous metals including cast iron as well as components incorporating a range of ferrous and non ferrous assemblies such as encountered in circuit boards, electrical control cabinets and the like. The vapour given off is temperature sensitive inline with increased corrosion potential.

  • Small parts protection
  • Electronic parts
  • Electrical parts
  • Printed circuits
  • Computer parts
  • Marine parts