Excell Air-Ventilated Stretch Film

By Integrated Packaging

Integrated Packaging  - Perforated Stretch Film available in hand and machine wrapping application. Ideal for hot and cold palletised products that need ventilation.

EXCELL AIR is the latest generation of ventilated stretch film from Integrated Packaging, adding to its leading range of stretch wrapping films and equipment.

Perforated with aerating holes, EXCELL AIR stretch film is designed for palletising products that require air circulation and transpiration. Because of its perforated film structure, the ventilated stretch film allows quicker cooling and drying of palletised goods and applies just as easy as normal stretch film with greater load stability.

EXCELL AIR stretch film wrap prevents the formation of internal condensation on your valuable products, allows better cooling, quicker freezing and maximum ventilation.

It is ideal for chilled or deep frozen products that require fast cooling after palletisation. The film is also ideal for hot palletised products that need to avoid condensation such as soft drink, beer, canned food, pet foods and pharmaceuticals.

With a strong holding force for pallet stability, EXCELL AIR stretch wrap maintains a constant temperature to avoid overheating goods.

EXCELL AIR stretch film is manufactured with 100% polyethylene, making it easy to recycle and dispense of after use, and is available in hand and machine applications.


  • Allows quick cooling/drying/ freezing
  • Maintains constant temperature
  • Avoids overheating your goods
  • Prevents internal condensation
  • Prevents load movement
  • Excellent ventilation properties
  • Superior holding force Ideal for hot or cold palletised products
  • 100% Polyethelene, easy to recycle and dispense of after use

It is also available in pre-stretched film offering health and safety benefits as well as greater production efficiencies.

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