Bat-Grip Lifting Magnet

By Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics Pty Ltd

A lifting magnet for places where no electric power is conveniently available.

Tecnomagnete’s Bat-Grip is not like other battery-operated lifting magnets.

Bat-Grip employs a unique permanent-electro magnet system which dramatically extends up-time between battery charging because battery power is required only for activate and de-activate operations.

Actual lifting is effected by permanent magnet elements. This lifting magnet is suitable for situations where no cabled electric power is accessible.

Bat-Grip complies with the requirements of  Australian Standard AS4991-2004 and is supplied complete with radio remote control and Tecnomagnete’s unique Dautanac system to prevent accidental demagnetisation during a lift.

WLL = 2500kg on flat, mild steel plate of minmum thickness 25mm.