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Wed Jan 16 2019

Wonder-Wand Magnetic Cleaner

By Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics Pty Ltd

Product Name: Wonder-Wand Magnetic Cleaner
(Known as the Mag-Wand in USA & Canada)
Product Code: STWAND

Yes - we are the ORIGINAL. We designed and made the Wonder-Wand way back in 1989 and it won the Product award at the Chicago  Industrial Product Awards in the early 90's.
Now copied by many worldwide, yet never bettered, we keep on improving it to collect more and last longer.

Previously we added a second delrin plastic ring so the Wand could easily roll along a steel machine bed without grabbing - but it was difficult to get it under low machinery.
Now it can get in under low machinery with an improved end plug that doubles as a second, smaller diameter ring.

Our new updated Wonder-Wand is a good example of our product evolution policy that sees our products continually reviewed and updated.
Sold Australia-wide through scores of outlets.

Serpent and Dove's Wonder-Wand, the original – and still the best.

  • Collected scrap is discharged with a pull of the plunger. Position of delrin plastic ring can be adjusted for effective magnetic length and to enable Wonder-Wand to be rolled along a machine bed without grabbing steel surface.
  • Overall Length: 530 mm (20.8")
  • Weight: 0.4 kg (0.9 Lbs)