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Welders Magnetic Earth Clamps

By Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics Pty Ltd

Now available from Serpent and Dove - and complementing our range and the options available to welding tradespeople, the patented Magswitch Magnetic Earth Clamp lets you make a solid earth connection to flat or curved steel surfaces and it can be turned off and on at will. The 'off' feature aids cleaning for those who value this feature

Available in Australia from: BOC Gas & Gear, Blackwoods & most Welding Accessory Outlets that stock quality goods.. In USA: ask your welding stockist for Original Serpent and Dove products.


Product Code: STMEC800


Improvements (Australian Patent 2005100632, US Patent Pending) to our Magnetic Earth or Ground Clamp prevent edge arcing and ensures that all the current is delivered to the job through the copper electrode. Sometimes copied but never bettered - 20 years on, this trusted product has stood the test of time - and is now even better! Use the handle to help remove from the job or to jiggle the electrode if contact is compromised with dirt or grit.

Unlike conventional ground clamps, the 800 Amp. Magnetic Ground Clamp can be used where no edge is available. It also makes rotating applications easy. The picture at right, below shows the new and improved, insulated model. The patented insulator prevents any possibility of arcing (and unsightly burns) between electrode and housing - or housing and the job


  • Simple to connect and use, the Welder's Magnetic Ground (or Earth) Clamp magnetically pulls a robust spring -loaded copper electrode firmly onto the job for excellent electrical connection and conductivity. Improved and Patented in 2005 to prevent edge arcing.

  • Clamping force on 6 mm (0.25") steel is about 40kgs.

  • A lever handle helps removal and lets the user jiggle the copper electrode if the connection is compromised by dirt or grit.