Hand Held Laser Unit

By Raymax Lasers

Plastics Welding is another application for Laser Systems. Lasers can be used for thermoplastics and is based on the transmission welding process where one component is an absorber. The heat absorbed melts both components to form the weld.

The ‘Handlaser’ is a mobile laser system for manual welding of plastics. Easy to use, small in size and light, the handlaser enables mobile but secure process of plastic welding.

The compact structure of the Handlaser offers a great deal of mobility and flexibility, and can be used in different locations (for example, on a building site, in a workshop or on the road). Easy handling of the Handlaser enables even untrained personnel to turn out quality assured welding seams. High process security ensures error free working without risk of waste.

The welding seams are water-tight, clean and without squeeze flow. Even working overhead guarantees that the welding seams can be stressed immediately without cooling time. Choosing the right material offers a great deal of variety: PP, PE, TPE, PC, ABS, PS, PVC, PP/EPDM, SEBS, EVA can be processed as foils, platten, folienbahnen, sealing tapes or RFIDs.