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Mon Jun 24 2019

Direct Diode Lasers (LDL Series)

By Raymax Lasers

Laser Systems can be used for the Surface Engineering Processes such as Cladding and Heat Treatment. For Cladding, the Laser is used to fuse a deposited material onto the surface of a base material. Heat Treatment of Steels and other materials is performed by the controlled application of heat energy from the laser. The various spot sizes and dimensions of laser spots allow very controlled and localised heat application. The main advantages of lasers in Surface Engineering are:

Flexability of the Spot allowing excellent localised heating.
High Processing Speeds leading to High Productivity
Controlled Heat Input minimising Distortion
Laser Surface Engineering Processes are used on components such as engine parts, aircraft components, turbine blades and mining tooling. The industries include Automotive, Aviation, Mining and Power Generation.

To ensure maximum modularity and compactness, LDL diode lasers are available with 3 different housing versions. Laser power from 100 Watt up to 10,000 Watt as well as different beam qualities, ranging from 85 mm mrad x 400 mm mrad up to 40 mm mrad x 40 mm mrad distinguish the LDL diode lasers.