Swingflex Doors: Model MK6

By DMF International
  • Swingflex Doors: Model MK6

The Swingflex MK6  is the most flexible solution to a heavy duty impact door for openings used by motorised Forklifts. Manufactured to a custom size, this model can accommodate up to 4000H x 3500W.

With the see through panels, drivers can foresee any danger right from their driving position.

The PVC panel flexes on impact from the Forklift or pallet load, the door opens, and the vehicle passes effectively though the opening.

The doors then quietly and automatically close behind, giving the seal to the opening this is necessary to protect as required.

Features of your Swingflex Door:

  • See through panels means safe two way traffic flow;
  • Hands free operation, door opens with a push through from the forklift, closing automatically behind.
  • Low noise operation by flexible PVC panels absorbing any impact noise during opening and closing;
  • Concealed spring controls, fully adjustable to suit your requirements, and with option of dual spring action for larger doors
  • Impact buffers and laminated available as option
  • Hold open controls are available if required;
  • All PVC used is non toxic 100% DINP