Swingflex Doors

By DMF International
  • Swingflex Doors


DMF manufactures and supplies the very popular plastic swing door, known as the Swingflex door. This door is made using approved 100%DINP flexible PVC panels, and anodised aluminium frames.

The concealed spring mechanism allows the Swingflex door to swing 180 deg and return back to closed position automatically, and is ideal for control of temperature, dust, vermin, or noise.

The Swingflex design is suitable for pedestrian or forklift traffic, and these PVC swing doors are common in hospitals, food processing areas, printing rooms, kitchens etc.

Differentiating Features
Some of the major features of the DMF Swingflex doors are:

  • Anodised aluminium door structure with brush or PVC sealing to jambs
  • Fully adjustable torque spring mechanism
  • Custom made to suit existing clear opening sizes
  • PVC panel in clear or with special laminated coloured or vinyl finishes
  • Buffers for increased protection at impact points
  • Coloured laminates to suit your decor
  • Can be supplied as single or pairs
  • Sizes up to 3500H x 3000W

DMF is a fully owned and operated Australian company, and these doors are assembled in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Malaysia.