Rapid Auto Roll Doors: Series RL3000

By DMF International
  • Rapid Auto Roll Doors: Series RL3000

The RL3000 Rapid Roll Door has been designed by DMF to suit many application requirements within the industry.

This comes with over 40 years experience of talking to clients and assessing various needs. The RL3000 model is available with the option of either single phase with PLC control, or 3 phase power supply.

Various programmable and activation options exist, depending on your needs, including variable speed control, soft start soft stop of door panel, battery backup for power loss situations, and many more. These allow you to obtain the optimum performance for your traffic types, frequency of use, and purpose of the door.

The Series RL3000 componentry design is very simple and can be supplied in a well defined kit form. This can be a major benefit and saving to country and overseas customers by using local technical trades or maintenance persons. To assist, a very comprehensive Installation and Operation Manual comes with the door.