Rapid Auto Roll Doors: Series 4000

By DMF International
  • Rapid Auto Roll Doors: Series 4000

The Series 4000 Rapid Auto Roll Door , used to be our most popular door, and is designed to be back in operation within seconds of accidental impact.

While our Series RL3000 model has taken over as the most common door, the Series 4000 is still a long lasting heavy duty door, more suited for industrial type applications. 

A heavy duty door, the Series 4000 can save you, not only in containing your precious internal environment, but in downtime and repair costs due to this breakout feature with auto reset function.

With the ability to accommodate large openings up to 25 sq metres, this door is equipped with a unique counter balance system ensuring total control, and has full corrosion protection by zinc plating and powdercoating. This also means the door can be opened in the event of a powerloss, by simply pulling on a cord.

The panel is made from a highly durable, low porous orange Duraskin, and  has the ability to withstand strong wind force due to windbars concealed into the Duraskin panel.

The Control system, unique to DMF, runs on a single or 3 phase supply, and offers a full range of safety features, and programmable features, allowing the user to customise to suit the requirements.

Suitable for a variety of applications, the Series 4000 is a heavy duty door that will last a long time. DMF have recorded some doors operation over 3 million cycles.