Rapid Auto Roll Doors

By DMF International
  • Rapid Auto Roll Doors


DMF International has a comprehensive range of high speed roll doors, suitable for a variety of applications, for the purpose of controlling temperature, dust, noise, wind or security.

We manufacture our own doors in Sydney and Melbourne, and are alos the exclusive agent for the high quality Efaflex High Speed Doors from Germany.

These fast acting PVC or aluminium roll doors are custom manufactured to suit the requirements of your site, and are suitable for small to large openings. Activation of the doors can be by various and optional automatic or manual systems, and each model has a safety features which may include PE sensors, safety auto reverse, special light curtains or IR sensing, or a flexible bottom rail.

These doors compliment our other products, such as Swingflex doors, Visiflex strip doors and our new Auto BiFlex door, all used for climatic control of your working area.

Door Control Options

Achieving the best performance from your Rapid Roll door is dependent on the opening device that best suits your application. Your choice will depend on many factors including the speed, mix and frequency of traffic flow.

These choices may include:

  • Push Buttons
  • Pull Cords
  • Photo Cells
  • Radio Control
  • Radar Motion Detectors
  • Induction Floor Loops

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