Efaflex High Speed Turbo Door: Model STT

By DMF International
  • Efaflex High Speed Turbo Door: Model STT

Efaflex STT High speed Transparent door

This model Efaflex doors is simliar in structure and operation to the SST Premium or SST Classic (see other product pages).

The main features of this door model however,  is that the door blade is constructed from acrylic glass or see through polycarbonate lathes, that are strong and can therefore also provide after hours security function.

This allows not only see through, but natural light to enter the premises, while still maintaining a preserved atmosphere.

This high speed roll door operates with a spiral design so that the door blade rolls quietly, and can tolerate high frequency of use throughout the dayy

Main features

  • Fast action at up to 3.2m/sec
  • Able to accommodate sizes up to 7mH x 8mW
  • Quiet operation
  • Full see through and allowance of light entry
  • Custom manufactured to suit
  • Full security for after hours
  • Single or double glazed window sections
  • Option of ventilation door blade
  • Safety sensors as standard with options of additional specialist sensors
  • Full installation by DMF or a trained partner throughout Australia
  • Stocked spares in Sydney and Melbourne