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Wed Apr 24 2019

High Resolution Plastic Parts

By Rapid Prototyping Sevices

Our Stereolithography process is the most accurate commercially available system on the market. It can build features down to 50 microns in XY axes and 15 microns in Z. These are the voxel sizes from which the model is constructed, so it is possible to make features of these sizes.


We offer a range of materials, our most accurate resins are R5 & R11. These are excellent for enclosures and highly detailed models and being our most accurate resin we tend to run this material most of the time.

We do offer a medical grade SLA resin also. The material for bio-compatible SLA plastics is Eshell Pink (a pink opaque ABS like material). This material is approved for hearing aid shells, so it has passed long term cyto-toxicity trials in contact with human sweat and skin. The material may be suitable for internal body use but there have been no clinical trials done on this. We are also waiting for a new Clear version of the same material to be released.