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Pneumatics - Accessories

By CEJN Australia

Accessories available for CEJN Pneumatic products are adapters to create different hose connections, Compact Pressure Tester to spot-check pressure and Soft-Line Accessory Covers to protect the coupling and its surroundings from impact.

Stream-Line Hose Adapters
CEJN Stream-Line connections are available with swivel and fixed adapters, both are offered with or without kink protectors.

Brass Adapters
A wide range of hose connectors; male-to-male adapters; bushings; plugs; cross, T-, L-, and Y-pieces; and ball valves for maximum flexibility in a variety of applications.

Stainless Steel Adapters
A large range of hose connectors and male-to-male adapters in stainless steel.

Compact Pressure Tester
The CEJN Compact Pressure Tester provides a fast method to measure system outlet pressure and ensure air systems are working to specifications.