Fairmont Intensifier

By Specialised Force Pty Ltd

Specialised Force are the Authorised Australian Distributor for Greenlee - Fairmont's range of low-pressure hydraulic tools, power pumps, hoses and associated products. Fairmont tools are widely used in electrical power line construction and maintenance, railroad, wharf and bridge maintenance, road maintenance, water utilities, and many other areas.

HB10/48930 Dynapress Hydraulic Intensifier
Open and Closed Center Hydraulic Systems.
Small and compact, the HB10 operates 700BAR (10000psi) remote head tools.
Uses the proven, reliable Dynapress control valves. (Ordered separately)
Supplied with pressure and return high-pressure (10000PSI/700BAR) screw type couplers.
Available with or without flush-face couplers.
Supplied with convenient foldable carrying handle, and can be permanently mounted.