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Founded in 1976 in Italy, Brevetti Stendalto was the first company ever to produce cable chains made from nylon. The production of this revolutionary concept marked the beginning of the global introduction of this new system to protect cables and hoses. Today, the company is an acknowledged leader and one of the most important manufacturers of nylon and steel cable chains in Europe.

Thanks to their innovative design the Brevetti cable chains provide considerable efficiency and cost gains by allowing the application to move faster while fully protecting the cables and hoses inside. The chains allow for any type of combination of cables and are easy to maintain. Extensive endurance tests carried out by leading crane manufacturers and certification institutes have proven the reliability of the system even in the most extreme working conditions.

The Brevetti cable chains are the proven alternative for protecting power supply cables in many different applications. With this system power and control cables are carried safely and fully protected by heavy-duty nylon or steel chains over long or short distances at high speeds. The main advantages of this system are that the cable length and weight are halved, it allows high speeds, it allows separation of power and
control cables and has a very low and easy maintenance need.

Endurance tests carried out by leading crane manufacturers and the many applications at work have proven the reliability of the system and its clear economic advantages.