Cable Reels

By Cavotec

Since many years Cavotec Specimas cable reels have been used in a variety of operations supplying power, air and water to equipment in the general industry and automation sector.

The Cavotec Specimas reputation in this market segment has been established by supplying innovative, robust systems together with specialised engineering staff to provide support where needed.

The Hydrodynamic System is an unique patented system which provides a simple and rational solution for many cable and hose reel applications. The system is based on a torque unit in which reduction gear, clutch and brake are built into one closed unit. Furthermore, thanks to the clutch acting directly on the main drum shaft, an even torque output is guaranteed.

Cavotec Specimas also provides another type of system called the Cavotec Torque Control system. This provides a constant pull on the cable following a torque reference signal based on cable weight and length, speed, and acceleration. The main benefit of this system is a significantly improved cable lifetime. The system can be used for singlephase and three-phase AC and also for DC feed. The standard protection class is IP55 and is suitable for environment temperatures up to +40 C°. Special ventilation and motor insulation are supplied for higher temperature ranges.