Heat Treatment: Solution Heat Treatment Furnace

By Furnace Engineering

Furnace Engineering manufactures a wide range of Solution Heat Treatment Furnaces from simple batch systems to the large & complex continuous systems.

The furnace is designed for rapid heating of alloys, excellent temperature uniformity and facility for rapid quenching.

Key features:

  • Lower energy usage and reduced operation costs are achieved by use of composite blanket insulation with low thermal mass and high insulating qualities that reduce kW load requirements.
  • The airtight furnace body provides for better heating uniformity. The high velocity of heated airflow to the work zone providing better zone uniformity and control.
  • Physical space flexibility  
  • Economical & low cost operation
  • Unique control systems ensure compliant with strict guidelines
  • Superior production capability
  • The furnace body construction is robust and of high quality.
  • The stainless steel interior is durable at optimal operating temperature.
  • The class 650°C fan prevents overheating and ensures durability at all operating temperatures.
  • Easy to use control systems automate repeated operations and incorporates all safety and interlocking requirements.
  • Independent calibration and certification can be provided prior to shipment

Automatic and complete solution-quench-age cycle can be run without any operator intervention, and unattended in larger automated systems.

Typical Cycle:

Load > Solution Heat up/Soak (~635°C) > Discharge to Quench > Quench (~65°C) > Re-load > Age Heat up/Soak (~165°C) > Unload