Induction Heating: High Frequency

By Furnace Engineering

Furnace Engineering partnering with CELES offers a range of cutting edge induction heating technologies - in the high frequency MOSFET inverters (100-400 kHz) and the IGBT (30-70 kHz).

The Induction Heating Technologs includes:


  • IGBT Generator - OTIS
  • MOS Generator 150-2400kW - OTMP, MOS Generator 2-100kW - GTM
  • Plate Recycling Units, Refrigerating Recycling Units
  • Static Inverters


  • Cold & Normal Crucible Melting
  • Direct Coil Induction Skull Heating & Melting of Glasses
  • Heat Sealing & Treating
  • High-flux Heating for Metallurgical Semi-Products
  • Bonding, Brazing, Welding
  • Pre-forming Heating, Semi-Solid Forming, Surface Treatment
  • Below Atmosphere and Vacuum Furnaces