Extrusion Equipment: Billet Heating

By Furnace Engineering

Furnace Engineering partnering with Granco Clark offers a range of hot jet Billet Heating Furnaces. This technology saves fuel consumption of up to 65% compared to the conventional chain type flame impingement furnace with no loss in productivity.

This patented "jet" principle is designed and engineered to effectively preheat the billets through high velocity impingement in a controlled chamber pressure condition. The conventional casual "drifting" of exhaust gases is ineffective. To provide this jet recuperation, a powered fan is utilised in conjunction with a chamber pressure control, eliminating the escape of hot exhaust when discharging billets or cold air entering the chamber.

Standard furnace features include:

  • Pivoting type crown block sections.
  • Totally enclosed bottom within furnace chamber.
  • High alloy rolls and roll support rails.
  • Mechanical "in-line pusher" to load furnace.
  • Positive sealing discharge end door.
  • Temperature controls through PLC.
  • Touch-screen Operator Terminal.

Furnace refractory is of high insulating value, low heat storage and durable. The tunnel refractory is totally enclosed and protected by an external steel jacket.

The log table surface is constructed of heavy structural steel to provide the rigidity capable of withstanding heavy loading from the continuous feed of ingot. The table is equipped with a hydraulic operated heavy-duty transfer which is equally robust and can withstand the continuous horizontal impact force of a log (or logs) or cut billet rolling down the loading table.

The furnace loader is designed to receive logs or cut billets individually from the loading table and feeding them into the furnace in a continuous line. The furnace charging process can be operated automatically.