Dimplestream Multi-Annuler Heat Exchanger

By Teralba Industries

The Teralba Dimplestream Multi-Annuler heat exchanger is a compact assembly of concentric tubes which provide highly efficient heat transfer conditions.

The primary and service fluids, in counter current flow, are directed into alternate annular streams between concentric tubes. Closing heads at each end of the concentric tubes accept the fluids for distribution and collection. The dimple profiles of various phase configurations keep both media turbulent for maximum heat transfer efficiency.


  • Each tube is designed to be self draining in all fluid passages, enhancing effective in-place cleaning 
  • Includes a unique seal arrangement to ensure the integrity of all fluid passages. A positive seal is achieved without reliance on the internal or external tube surface.
  • O-Ring seal integrity is visible from escape openings at each distribution header with optional collection and flushing facilities
  • Unlike other strippable heat exchangers, the Teralba Dimplestream can be dismantled , serviced and reassembled without use of special equipment.
  • Tube assemblies can be supplied in various overall lengths from 1 metre to 3 metres with threaded, clamp or flanged connections

The Teralba Dimplestream improves the heat transfer rate over other tubular heat exchangers as the product viscosity increases.

The Teralba Dimplestream Multi-Annuler arrangement is the most efficient type of tubular heat exchanger for heating/cooling of slurried, fouling and viscous fluids.

Dimplestream is compatible to the Dimpleflo multi-tube in terms of pressure and temperature ratings and can compete with palate heat exchangers in terms of thermal efficieny and compact assembly.

Dimplestream also ensures the ultimate in hygienic assembly for all fluid passages.


  • In-line cooling for dairy products
  • Product regeneration heating/cooling
  • Wine heating/cooling for fermentation control
  • Heat recovery duties
  • Fruit juice processing