Dimpleflo Multitube Heat Exchanger

By Teralba Industries

The Teralba Dimpleflo Multitube heat exchanger is a compact assembly based on traditional shell and tube principles. The dimple profile induces turbulence for efficient heat transfer.

The primary fluid or product is supplied to a grouping of parallel tubes while the service fluid flows between and around the tubes within the outer tube shell.


  • All tubes are designed to be self draining with no continuous corrugations to retain product or cleaning fluids
  • The bundle of Dimpleflo Multitubes is inserted and becomes integral with the outer tube shell with provision, where needed, for thermal expansion
  • Can include removable end covers which allow either single pass or multi-pass primary fluid flows
  • Constructed in accordance with relevant Australian Standards and statutory and quality assurance procedures
  • Can be manufactured from a comprehensive range of allows including exotic metals such as titanium to suit corrosive liquids and high temperature
  • Allows for high velocity fluid streams to minimise the burn-on of product in U.H.T processing


  • Chilled water production using refrigeration
  • U.H.T pasteurisation
  • Heating/cooling of custard, purees and pastes
  • Condensation of vapours

The Teralba Dimpleflo Multitube is ideal for viscous and fouling fluids and has the ability to handle high pressures and extreme temperatures, e.g steam or refrigerant. A high surface to volume ratio and high thermal efficiency results in a compact selection for heat transfer duties.