Dimpleflo Monotube Heat Exchanger

By Teralba Industries

The Teralba Dimpleflo Monotube system is a simple yet extremely versatile and effective tube heat exchanger. The dimple profiles of various configurations increase turbulence to enhance heat transfer coefficients and provide effective in-place cleaning.

The primary fluid or product to be heated/cooled passes through the inner tube while the service fluid for heating/cooling is directed into the outer jacket.

Teralba Dimpleflo Monotubes have the following features:

  • Each tube is designed to be self draining with no continuous corrugations to retain product or cleaning fluids
  • Individually¬†selected for each application and as such the design can accommodate specific location or processing requirements
  • Can be assembled as jacketed pipework to provide heat exchange in product transfer
  • Can be assembled in a strippable form to enable dismantling where fouling may occur in the jacket cavity
  • Can be manufactured from a comprehensive range of alloys including exotic metals such as titanium to suit corrosive liquids and high temperature
  • Constructed to comply with relevant Australian Standards and statutory and quality assurance procedures
  • Designs include provision for thermal expansion and contraction

Applications include:

  • Wine and must cooling
  • Steam/Water heating
  • Heat recovery from industrial effluents
  • Corrosive chemical processing
  • Pet food and meat processing
  • Pyrogen free water systems
  • Fruit juice and pulp processing

The Teralba Dimpleflo Monotube is ideally suited for aggressive conditions such as:

  • Products of high or changing viscosity
  • Fluids or even slurries which contain large particulates
  • Ultra high temperature processes
  • Corrosive fluids
  • High pressured and hazardous fluids such as steam and refrigerants
  • The requirement for complete integrity between the flow paths of the primary and service fluids