Dimpleflo Modular Heat Exchanger

By Teralba Industries

Teralba Dimpleflo Modular heat exchanger systems have virtually unlimited potential for configuration changes. This results in unrivalled versatility for all installation and process requirements.

The Teralba modular construction allows for future expansion or process changes by simply bolting on extra Dimpleflo tube modules as required.

Modular construction permits multiple functions, e.g Heating and Cooling, to be achieved by re-arranging the tube modules

Incorporates all existing features unique to Teralba Dimpleflo multi-purpose Monotube and Multitube heat exchangers including:

  • Dimple profiles for both the product and service tubes, of various configurations, for increased heat transfer efficiency
  • Assembled with no continuous corrugations to retain product or cleaning fluids
  • Virtually unblockable for handling fluids and slurries containing large particulates


  • Food - Heating and cooling of fruit puree, meat products, biscuit doughs, sauces, jams, confectionary, pie fillings, vegetable products and pasta's.
  • Dairy - Heating and cooling of yoghurts, custards, milk, icecream and cheese products including UHT sterilisation.
  • Beverage - Heating and cooling of wine products, grape must, beer wort, soft drink syrups, pasteurisation for fruit and vegetable juices
  • Pharmaceuticals - Processing of pyrogen free water, dionised water, water for injectables, blood plasmas, therapeutic creams, shampoos and cosmetics.
  • HVAC - Steam/hot water production, energy recovery from refrigeration systems, heating for geothermal applications and swimming pools.
  • Chemicals and Explosives - Heating and cooling of mineral slurries, gases, ammonium nitrate solutions, nitric acid and hydraulic oils.
  • Pulp and Paper - Heating of latex paper coatings.
  • Waste - Energy recovery processing of hot waste effluents, anaerobic digested sludge, autoclave blowdown wastes.