Die Casting: Transfer Ladle

By Furnace Engineering

Furnace Engineering deisgns and builds the Transfer Preheat Station and Ladle to increase productivity of the diecasting industry.

Ladle Preheat Station:

The gas fired crucible ladle preheating station has a burner to pre-heat the transfer ladle. It can be fully integrated or free standing and provides a robust base and support frame for carrying the insulated ladle cover and combustion equipment.

Installation simply involves position the station and connecting up the gas and electricity supplies.

In operation, the ladle is presented to the pre-heater. The cover is lowered and sealed by moving the lever to the pre-heat position (leaving a small opening at the end of the ladle spout for exhaust gases to escape). Simultaneously, interlocks are released and the combustion can be ignited for ladle heating.

Transfer Ladle:

The transfer ladle has a robust mild steel casing insulated with high quality refractory liner. The liner has very good non-wetting characteristics, lightweight and excellent insulation properties.

The transfer ladle is carried by your forklift or overhead crane to:

  • Melting Furnace for filling.
  • Degassing Station for metal preparation.
  • Holding furnace for transfer of aluminium.
  • Tilting the ladle for transfer of aluminium is done by a hand wheel operated gearbox.

Features and Benefits:

  • Non-wetting material enables easy cleaning.
  • Cleaner ladles.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • High insulating properties.
  • Energy saving on preheating.
  • Precast lining enables quick change over.
  • Robust construction suited to foundry environment

Alternatively, ladles can be fitted with heating elements enabling precise temperature control of the metal while being held at the heating station or dwelling position as well as additional heating of metal if filled below the desired temperature.

A control panel at the heating or dwelling location enables pre-heating of the transport ladle via a time switch clock before start of operations. All cable connections between the transport ladle and the switch cabinet are equipped with plug-type connectors.