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Sat Jun 15 2019

Cast House: TARDIS Dross Press

By Furnace Engineering

Furnace Engineering together with its technical partner offers the TARDIS Dross Press for the pressing and cooling of aluminium dross.

It is a scientific fact that press-heads will absorb heat from dross, whic promotes cooling. The faster the press head is able to absorb this heat, the less aluminium is lost through oxidation.

Hot dross is raked from the furnace directly into a pot, which is transported by forklift into the machine. Inside, the TARDIS hydraulic rams lower a specially shaped press head into the pot of dross. Liquid aluminium is literally squeezed out into a collecting tray. The dross itself becomes compacted and is rapidly cooled, preserving the valuable metal by preventing oxidation. The end product is a compact cooled dross “skull“ containing easily recoverable metal together with an aluminium ingot/sow.

The TARDIS process results in a compacted “skull“ of aluminium and oxide, together with a metal drain ingot which can be returned directly into the melting furnace.