Cast House: Reverberatory Melting/Holding Furnaces

By Furnace Engineering

Furnace Engineering has been designing, constructing and installing Aluminium Reverberatory Melting & Holding Furnaces in Australia, NZ and SE Asia in the last three decades. The quality and efficiency of this furnace has brought much success to its customers and resulted in numerous repeat orders and referrals.

Key features:

  • Reduced energy consumption and environmental design
  • A wide range of aluminium holding capacities.
  • Tilting or stationary with tap-out mechanism.
  • Oil, Gas fuel fired combustion system.
  • Positive pressure control.
  • From simple PLC to complex computer control systems.
  • Charging door for dry or preheated materials.

Refractory Design

Robust & strong to withstand the chamber environment of high temperatures, mechanical impact from charging & cleaning and resist corundum build up to reduce energy consumption.

Door Sealing

An essential component for maintaining pressure and reducing cold air into the furnace.

Pressure Control

Ensures that the furnace chamber is held at an optimal pressure at all times.

Combustion System

Recuperative burners, Regenerative burners or Oxy/Fuel burners are the most efficient combustion technolofy used today

Control Systems

Data gathering and analysing devices to optimise the furnace operation and ensuring work safety.


The Furnace Engineering Reverberatory Melting/Holding Furnace design and construction include metal stirring system, side wells, liquid metal filling ports and more.