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Sat Mar 23 2019

Aerospace: Composite Ovens

By Furnace Engineering

The Composite Curing Oven offers increased temperature uniformity and shorter cycle times when curing light weight composite parts on a large forming tool with a great deal of mass.

Unique features:

  • Specially designed louvre for directing recirculated air through the work chamber to evenly direct heated air over the product.
  • Hot boxes provide for heating of the recirculated air ensuring that the product is only exposed to a uniform temperature environment
  • Uses larger recirculation fans to uniformly heat tooling without distortion.
  • Ovens are constructed with doors to provide easy access for tooling. Additional doors can be provided for the connection of vacuum and resin injection lines. Doors are fitted with seals to maintain temperature uniformity.
  • Unique control systems ensure that the equipment complies with strict guidelines. The protection controls and recording systems are calibrated to the required standards to enable rapid certification of the plant operations.
  • Programmable temperature controllers control the ramp to set point hold and cool cycle to preset limits. Interlocks can be provided to interface with external Vacuum and Resin Injection equipment.
  • Heating is either by electric elements or by indirect gas.
  • The oven body is made of high quality mild steel with sandwiched insulation to minimise heat loss.