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Wed May 22 2019

Hearing Protection

By Honeywell Safety Products Australia
  • Hearing Protection

The right fit for every user, every environment

Your employees deserve the best hearing protection. From technical innovations to educational initiatives, Howard Leight offers resources to make hearing conservation happen.

From our beginnings as a one-man operation over 30 years ago, Howard Leight has grown into one of the largest global manufacturers of hearing protectors in the industrial market. Howard Leight offers the widest variety of earplugs and bands, ranging from Max®, our single-use earplug with the highest attenuation rating, to SmartFit's® Conforming Material Technology™, delivering a more personalised fit, to our convenient Leight® Source earplug dispensers.

Using Bilsom Technology, Howard Leight earmuffs raise the bar for innovative design, performance and comfort with features like padded wire headbands, high-visibility designs, unique sound management technologies and multi-level attenuation opinions.