Remedial Massage

By TLR Sports Massage
  • Remedial Massage

At TLR Sports Massage, we pride ourselves on the unique and high quality service we provide to return you to a better physical condition. Using a combination of soft and deep tissue techniques and trigger point therapy, we tailor each session depending on where you are in your training schedule – be it pre or post sporting event, or the subsequent recovery period.

And it’s not just athletes that benefit from remedial massage; it’s the everyday person - from labourers and chefs to stay at home mums and office workers.

  • Holistic treatment of the whole body to alleviate the underlying cause and symptoms of injury or strain. 
  • Improve overall performance and endurance within everyday life.
  • Use: alleviate such things as back and neck pain and arthritis; treat sports injury and every day strains; reduce fatigue and improve physical well-being.