Thermal Cameras for Research and Development

By Flir Systems Australia

FLIR’s SC range of thermal cameras are ideally suited to many applications in the research and development where accuracy and reliability are vitally important. These specialised cameras are designed for other uses in the field of research and development. For product testing, these are very important in showcasing reliable and accurate data. FLIR infrared cameras are widely used around the world for applications as diverse as micro-electronics, target heat signatures, automotive, plastics, telecommunications, injection molding, appliance designing, paper processing, and much more.

Precise Measurement

FLIR SC-Series IR Cameras are used in the capturing and recording of thermal variations, such as heat patterns, dissipation, leakage, and other temperature factors in equipment, products and processes in real time.

FLIR thermal imaging cameras and specialized software are widely used in educational and research institutes, engineering and product development; range phenomenology or target signature, and in manufacturing industries.

As Laboratory Equipment

FLIR thermal cameras are used as laboratory equipment. Their ability to supply accurate data in real time makes them suitable for university laboratory use. Because of the accurate visual presentation of heat provided by these cameras, they can be used in both academic and applied research.

In Engineering

Aside from its use in the academic field, FLIR thermal imagers also assist engineers from various industries in advanced product development. Thermal analysis of a product in its early development shortens the time to market, gives access to extended analyses of thermal behavior over time; and stress field measurement.

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