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Mon Jun 24 2019

ABR-7P Auto Panel Restoration Kit (H886)

By Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse

Order Code: H886
ABR-7P - Auto Panel Restoration Kit - Professional 
Hammers: Pick + Finishing, Straight Pein + Finishing & Reverse Curve Hammers
Dollies: Utility, Curved, Heel & Thin Toe
ABR-7P professional auto body panel repair hammers & dollies are designed & manufactured from drop forged heat treated steel with ground & polished faces for metal shaping, and used by the professional restoration  panel beaters. The hand ground and polished head is securely mounted to the oval shape hickory wooden handle, giving you the diagonal comfort and control you need to achieve professional results.
  • Drop forged, heat treated steel
  • Precision ground & polished faces
  • 1 x Pick + Finishing hammer
  • 1 x Straight Pein + Finishing hammer
  • 1 x Reverse Curve hammer
  • 1 x Utility dolly
  • 1 x Curved dolly
  • 1 x Heel dolly
  • 1 x Thin toe dollySpecifications:
Model: ABR-7P
Product Type: Auto Panel Restoration
Product Type: Kit - PROFESSIONAL
Number of Pieces: 7
Hammer Type: Finishing with Pick
Hammer Type: Straight Pein with Finishing
Hammer Type: Reverse Curve
Dolly Type: Utility
Dolly Type: Curved
Dolly Type: Heel
Dolly Type: Thin Toe
Weight (nett): 8kg